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Wagon C(62A)-4506044.

This photograph was taken along the Jing-Guang mainline as it parallels the Guangzhou freight yard.

The light has faded to such an extent that the overhead trolley and messenger wires have been washed away in the photo and only the insulators are visible.

B.W. Ring, 2002-March-23, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

Olympus E-20: f=3.2, s=1/200 sec, fl=43 mm, ISO=320, filter=uv, t=10:51:44, 2560x1920x24-bits, 72dpi jpg, 3424k.
This image has been reduced to a 1000x750x24-bits, 72dpi jpg using Paint Shop Pro 7.00.
Cropping(None), ASE(More Colourful/Normal), Pixel Resize(Smart Size).


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