CNR Passenger Rolling Stock Main Page (Last modified 2002-Dec-30)

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Here are a few photographs that I took while strolling through the Guangzhou passenger coach storage yards. The railway police were all over the place. But never did they object to me taking photographs.

Note: Never did I attempt to climb up on or go into any of the rolling stock. That would have been a clear invitation for getting kicked out of the yard.

This yard is full of car cleaners and other CNR workers looking after the coaches, so beware of the movements and shunting activities.


Let us begin this page with the ever important coach train service signs. In my opinion, these signs provided an enjoyable means to learn the Chinese characters for the major Chinese cities.

Guangzhou-Changsha. Guangzhou-Shaoyang-Changsha.


This corrugated stainless steel coach has a Guangshen Railway Company logo on its side and carries
the report marking of RZ2 25C #10676.

I know nothing of its origins but I did see a few of these coaches in service one day while I was strolling along the Kowloon-Canton Railway near Tai Po.

RZ2 25C #10676 from afar. RZ2 25C #10676 end shot. RZ2 25C #10676 report markings. RZ2 25C #10676 end detail.
RZ2 25C #10676 from afar again.


Here is one image that I took while walking along at the junction of the Jing-Guang and the Guan-Shen lines.

The Guangzhou freight yard scale house is located about 300 meters more to the north.

This is a good location for photographs but mind the speed of the electric hauled trains!

YZ 22B #37727.