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This image shows the view of the trackage leading north from the junction.

Just around the corner, and out of view, is the scale house and the lead into the Guangzhou loco depot.

If you look real closely at the mainline tracks you can see the very slippery gray matter.

The slippery gray matter is the result of effluent being discharged from the passenger rolling stock. 

It doesn't smell any worse than normal Guangzhou air, but it is mighty slippery!

B.W. Ring, 2002-March-22, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

Olympus E-20: f=3.6, s=1/125 sec, fl=39 mm, ISO=80, filter=uv, t=12:49:20, 2560x1920x24-bits, 72dpi jpg, 3718k.
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