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The skies have darkened and the rain is just beginning to fall.

The Guangzhou loco shed lead can be seen to the left of the locomotive.

I just could not give in to the rain and the weather, so I aimed the E-20N, set the shutter speed at 1/320, as the train was not poking along, and guessed a good overexposure setting (rock bottom at f2.2), then took the shot.


This was my first sighting of an SS1 electric locomotive. Quiet machine.

This is a classic Chinese electric locomotive and many of these units remain in active service.

B.W. Ring, 2002-March-23, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

Olympus E-20: f=2.2, s=1/320 sec, fl=43 mm, ISO=320, filter=uv, t=10:04:14, 2560x1920x24-bits, 72dpi jpg, 3570k.
This image has been reduced to a 1000x750x24-bits, 72dpi jpg using Paint Shop Pro 7.00.
Cropping(None), ASE(Normal/Normal), Pixel Resize(Smart Size).


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