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To the left is the Ktt I am boarding. Train #T813 to Hung Hom (Kowloon) departing at 11:00 and getting into Kowloon at 12:42.

I asked one of the Chinese customs officers located on the station platform if I may walk forward and take a few photographs. The result of my polite request was there was no problem with me breaking off from the normal flow of people to walk forward and take this photograph.

To the right is a Blue Arrow train. The Blue Arrows run between Shenzhen and Guangzhou/Guangzhou Dong.

The Ktt train moves right along from Guangzhou Dong to Shenzhen (the Guangshen Railway). Then from Shenzhen to Hung Hom (the Kowloon-Canton Railway) the Ktt is diagramed in with the normal traffic flow.

It is well worth the ride and the train arrived in Kowloon on time.

B.W. Ring, 2002-March-25, Guangzhou Dong, Guangdong, China.

Olympus E-20: f=4.5, s=1/250 sec, fl=35 mm, ISO=160, filter=uv, t=10:43:42, 2560x1920x24-bits, 144dpi tif, 15616k.
This image has been reduced to a 1000x750x24-bits, 144dpi jpg using Paint Shop Pro 7.00.
Cropping(None), ACE(Neutral/Mild/Natural), ASE(Normal/Weak), Pixel Resize(Smart Size).


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