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This view is looking toward the Guangzhou Xi goods yard as viewed from south of the pedestrian overpass.

The single railway line to the left is the line to Guangzhou Nan.

The two roads to the right are the mains of the Guang-San mainline.

Notice the people in yellow jackets located on the ground just shy of the pedestrian overpass mid pier. Those are track inspectors. When they sit down as a group, it usually signals a wave of scheduled trains is about to occur.

B.W. Ring, 2002-March-22, Guangzhou Xi, Guangdong, China.

Olympus E-20: f=2.8, s=1/100 sec, fl=35 mm, ISO=80, filter=uv, t=16:14:52, 2560x1920x24-bits, 72dpi jpg, 3531k.
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