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This page shows a few images taken from the Peak Galleria in Hong Kong.

The Peak Galleria lookout is located just above the Peak Tram Upper Terminus.

The images on this page show the high rise buildings of Hong Kong in the foreground, and in the distance, Kowloon and the New Territories can be seen.

The weather was far from the best for this kind of photography and I had to wait for the sunlight to poke through the clouds to snap these images.


Directional Views

These four images show the basic northern view of what can be seen from the Peak Galleria lookout.

The Peak Galleria lookout is set for a northern view only. The hill side continues to rise up behind the Peak Galleria thus blocking a southern view of the region.

Looking northwest Looking north by northeast Looking northeast Looking east


Zoomed Views

These two zoomed in views, taken without a tripod, show Kowloon.

Looking at Kowloon (Star Ferry Terminal) Looking at Kowloon (Underwater tunnel and dredgers)


Peak Tram

Here comes the cable driven tram up the line to arrive at the Upper Terminus.

Peak Tram arriving at Upper Terminus


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