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Shenzhen Bei is an area of goods yards and sidings located a few kilometers north of the Shenzhen passenger station.

It is a good walk, say 1/2 hour, from the Shenzhen passenger station to the road overpass that my images were taken from.

I could not pin down a name of the road I was standing on, but it is a major thoroughfare, complete with heavy road traffic. What is good with this location, and also with the Furong Bridge location to the south, is the very wide sidewalks and a clear view of the railway line.

Please note, the Guangshen train timetable that I sourced from the railway's main office, and the actual train running times, do not match for March 2002. I therefore can not pin down the exact train numbers shown in the images.

The Guangshen Railway Company Limited web site is at:

The Guangshen Railway Company Limited stock symbol on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is GSH.


Passenger Train Traffic

The Guangshen Railway has a continuous stream of Blue Arrows running between Shenzhen, Guangzhou Dong (the new station), and Guangzhou (the old station). Then add in the SS8, DF4D, DF11, and the occasional local goods trains, and the photo ops are ongoing.

Unfortunately for me, the rain caused my photographing to end early. Therefore, please find below only four images of my venture to this area of Shenzhen Bei.

Blue Arrow SS8-0063


Goods Yards

While a DF4D hauled southbound passenger train was passing through, I took a few images of the goods sheds and trackage. As the lighting was poor, I could not open up the f-stop on the camera to get a better depth of field. However, out in the distance, looking southward toward Shenzhen, the red coloured outline of the Furong Bridge can be seen.

Goods Sheds Goods Yard & Guangshen Mainline


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