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Tangxi is a reconfigured railway junction located on the Jing-Guang (Beijing-Guangzhou) main line and is located north west of the center of Guangzhou and north of the CNR Guangzhou loco shed. It makes for a good walking trip out and back, no taxi required.

The junction reconfiguration is due to the addition of a bypass railway line running alongside the east perimeter wall of the passenger coach storage yard. In addition to the new bypass line, the rail line running into the passenger coach yard from Tangxi has been severed.

The southbound passenger trains take the new railway line toward the Guangzhou passenger station while the northbound trains use the older junction which is located just south of the CNR Guangzhou loco shed.


Track work.

This single image was taken by standing on the severed passenger coach yard lead and facing south. To the left is the electrified bypass line, center the coach yard lead, and to the right the Jing-Guang mainline.

Behind me, to the north, is a road overpass.

Looking south down the new southbound bypass line to Guangzhou.


The next group of images showing the plant layout were taken just north of the overhead road bridge.

The railway has both a track maintenance facility and what appears to be a signal cabin. I am not to sure if the signal cabin is active or if perhaps this plant went remote during the electrification project.

The first image, taken by standing on the east side of the plant, near the track maintenance facility, is looking southward. Notice how clean the overhead power supply is constructed.

The second image shows the signal cabin. It is located directly west and across the track plant from the track maintenance facility.

East side, looking southward Signal cabin


The next two images show the plant as viewed northward. The first image is taken by standing on the west side of the plant and the second image on the east side. Again, as mentioned above, the catenary looks real smart.

West side, looking northward East side, looking northward


Here are a few images to look at. Again, the skies have darkened and every now and then it sprinkles some rain. No lack of rail traffic, just lack of sunlight.

DF4-0014 leading a goods train through Tangxi. DF4B-2591 with a fast running southbound passenger train. Track wayside marker. Tangxi track maintenance depot trolley.
DF4-0526 leading a goods train through Tangxi. DF4B-2290 leading a northbound passenger train. DF4B-3183 with a southbound goods train. SS8-0135 with a northbound passenger train.
DF4-0526 running light northbound.


These two images show a DF4B powered northbound goods train accelerating out of the Tangxi area leaving behind plenty of exhaust.

DF4B-3550 with a northbound goods train. DF4B-3550 accelerating the train out of Tangxi.


Down the newly electrified Jing-Guang comes along an old but reliable workhorse, an SS1.

In this train is a block of wagons carrying livestock to market.

SS1-0711 with a heavy southbound goods train. Livestock wagons


Here are a few more images to show. Soon after these images were taken, the lighting faded and I walked back down to my hotel in Guangzhou.

SS1-0746 with a northbound goods train. Supershine DF4-0587 with northbound goods train. DF4-0047 with a southbound goods train. SS8-0180 running through Tangxi.
SS8-0141 with a northbound passenger train. Running fast, a DF4B-2611 with a southbound passenger train.


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