Last modified 2004-Mar-05

Departing the Ermelo departure yard.

The electric units facing us, see the burning headlight, are waiting for this train to clear.

Once we are clear, those units will attached to the other rake of 200 wagons and follow us to Vryheid.

Our signal is colour green and it is located way out there and to the left side of the trackage.

Notice, also way out there in the mist, an inbound empty coal train working its way in.

The departure track goes straight for a while and then it curves to the left and downward into the Ermelo AC/DC exchange yard.

The AC/DC exchange yard is also the site of the former 'new' passenger station.

Ermelo has two passenger stations, the new and the old.

The old station back in town is now the home to the Spoornet regional engineers.

The new station, located on the Coal Line, is now closed as passenger trains no longer run on this line.

Passenger service on this line ended, I must guess at this, during the time 1985 to 1986.

I last rode a main line passenger train on this line in 1984.

B.W. Ring, 2001-May-02, On the South African Coal Line, Ermelo, South Africa.

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