Coal Line: Antra (Last modified 2003-Nov-28)

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Antra is the name given to an overhead traction power station on the south end of the Ermelo AC/DC exchange yard.

I woke up and found that Ermelo was still covered in low lying clouds.

So I took my time and first stopped by Pick & Pay and got some Milo mint bars and yogurt. Then drove on over to the Ermelo AC depot to see what was happening with the normal train movements and the air brake test train. At some point the sun actually made an appearance and this was my calling to go out and line side the Coal Line..

I decided to settle real close to Ermelo, the south end of the exchange yard to be exact, at a place named Antra. And there I waited for a subject to appear.

A WORD OF SEVERE CAUTION: The Antra switch yard is protected by an electric fence. The foot path leading from the switch yard parking lot to the tracks runs close to the fence. Contact of any kind with that fence would be rather unpleasant if not lethal.


Look what we have here. I can see way out there a 7E class electric hauling what looks like a string of timber loads.

It is one of those 7E units painted in the brown livery. Must have lots of sun as that paint just soaks up the light.

What the hay, what gives now. The clouds have once again blocked the direct sunlight.

Ah sugar, and this train is really picking up speed. Got to hold this

Oh well, not a good shot of 7E7002 leading a train. But at least these images show the potential that Antra holds for photographing on a sunny day.

The sun breaks through the clouds. Nice sunshine.  A good thing. A train and sunshine. A very good thing. Hey, where is the sunshine?! Rats!!