Last modified 2003-Nov-28

This image shows the typical wagon in this train.

A rotary dump gondola type CCR - 3, #63 039 885. Load 58 000 kg / Tare 20 550 kg.

Not much of a load by AAR standards. So this wagon is roughly speaking an 80 tonner.

A baby wagon compared to what rolls on the Coal Line.

The wagon to the right, CCL-2 is rated at Load 66 000 kg.

Note, these report numbers are clear in the original image. This image here is a further compressed image.

B.W. Ring, 2001-Apr-28, Beaconsfield, South Africa.

Olympus E-10: f=4.0, s=1/200 sec, fl=35 mm, ISO=80, t=16:53:20, 2240x1680x24bit, 72dpi jpg.
This image has been reduced to a 1000x750x24bit, 72dpi jpg using Paint Shop Pro 7.00.
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