Kaserne Loco Depot and Yard (Last modified 2002-Dec-20)

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I spent one morning, fully escorted, touring this facility. The escort was fully appreciated as personal safety is an ongoing and serious issue. The moving rolling stock is no longer the primary safety issue. Instead the primary safety issue is the ability to avoid or ward off trespassers seeking to steal goods or equipment. Container traffic in South Africa attracts trespassers like moths to a flame.

The Kaserne facility is still a busy place as the intermodal trains for the City Deep container facility are marshalled at Kaserne. The upper yards are completely still with lines of dead rolling stock filling up the track space. I did not venture up to the upper yards for reasons of personal safety.

The photographs presented here show the active yards, including the classification yard, and the loco depot. Should any readers decide to visit this place, for your own safety, do please check in at the main office.

The following images were taken by me during my April 2001 visit to South Africa. All images taken with an Olympus E-10 digital camera.

14E locomotives at the east end of departure yard. The train led by 14E-108 is headed for Capital Park.

Class 14E #108 on the head end. Class 14E #108. Class 14E #108 bogie closeup. Class 14E #105.

Diesel locomotive on east end of yard. This loco was not shunting during my morning hours of visiting the Kaserne facility. Notice the water towers for the steam locos remain standing.

Class 34-411.

The Kaserne Classification Yard; cabins, wagon retarders, and locomotives. The class 36 diesel shunter pushing the container flat wagons over the hill. Two class 6E1 electrics waiting to pass diesel shunter.

Wagon retarder cabin. Wagon retarders. Ready to classify wagons. Wagons going over the hill.
Mechanical refrigerator wagon. 6E1's #1431 & 1555. Class 36 #076.

This is the west end of the Kaserne facility. Not much action as the Parcels shed is abandoned and the goods short-cut rail line up to the J'burg-Germiston main is severed. The overhead bridge is the Metro-Rail loop up to the J'burg-Germiston mainline.

6E1 locos # 1431 & 1555.

Back toward the loco yard office located on the west end of the Karserne facility, to photo the electrics and to get a photo of where the steam loco's used to reside.

Notice the 6E #1183, this is a true 6E and not a 6E1.

Electrics going to work. 6E 1183 with single arm panto's. The former site of steam locomotives. Class 36 #071.
Coal fired sand drier.