Sadwana Bay Page (Last modified 2003-Nov-28)

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Sadwana Bay is a known diving spot in South Africa and it is located on the Indian ocean approximately 75 kilometers south of the border with Mozambique.

Having known Frik Henning from his train driving days, he offered to take me along on his already scheduled diving trip.

As Frik owns his own diving school, I spent time down at the Ermelo public pool practicing and getting acquainted with the equipment. So this trip to Sadwana would be for me, an instructional trip.

Getting to the Sadwana Bay National Park is just half the fun. Once off the N2 (asphalt and full of auto killing potholes) the road turns to dirt and it becomes a game of avoiding the upsets. Then when a few kilometers from the park, the road turns back to asphalt as it traverses a large irrigation dam. Once inside the park the road is simply graded soft sand.

I brought along my Oly C-3030 hoping to see some salt water crocodiles or other large game. Nothing of the such, the only large animals I spotted were underwater and I do not have an underwater camera.

Actually, I was quite amazed at how many large turtles and fish exist just below the surface and how clear the Indian ocean is at this location. No kidding. It is so clear that I felt like I was swimming in an aquarium. So perhaps for my next trip, I will get a beginners underwater camera and start taking such snaps.


Here are four images from the trip.

Hired car, Maarten Jonker, Brian Ring, Frik Henning, Neels friend Karen(?), and Neels van Rensburg.

Get the air bottles charged and ready. Maarten. Ring & Henning. Neels and friend.