Last modified 2004-Feb-28

With an incredibly blue South African sky at hand, we have here an image of the top of the hump yard.

The building to the extreme right, where a class 36 diesel is located, is the pin pulling shed.

The long building located directly ahead is the air compressor shed.

The tall tower is just that, the upper yard tower.

B.W. Ring, 2001-May-05, Bapsfontein, South Africa.

Olympus E-10: f=4.0, s=1/200 sec, fl=39 mm, ISO=80, filter=pl, t=11:08:56, 2240x1680x24-bits, 72dpi jpg, 713k.
This image has been reduced to a 1000x750x24-bits, 72dpi jpg using Paint Shop Pro 7.00.
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