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Here begins the posting of images and conversation for a project that will last for many decades.




Ring Mining & Exploration (RM&E) is a model railway of 12 inch track gauge (305 mm) or shall we simply say, 1/5 scale.


When I first purchased the property, I was planning to continue using the 7.5 inch gauge concept as used previously on the RM&E model railway in Connecticut. However, as the amount of land is greater at the Virginia site, the concept of being able to ride IN the trains and not ON the trains got visited.

After much mental debate, I started looking over the internet for a good source of ideas. Finally, I found a few English sites that showed what has been done using 10.25 inch track gauge and 1/5 scale rolling stock.

Many toy railways use 15 inch track gauge. However, that is far too large of a scale for my liking. Again, the goal is to simply reach a suitable rolling stock width that allows for sitting inside the train and not on the train.

The next mental hurdle to jump was the choice of track gauge. The English seem to have preferred 10.25 inch whereas the United States seems to have preferred 12 inch (I state "seems" as there are other gauges existing). Knowing that the English 10.25 inch corresponds to 3/16 scale, yet they model the rolling stock in 1/5 scale, just added more variables to the decision making process.

O.k, time to think.... Unites States model railway.... will have electric and steam loks.... large wagons... oh yes, double stack container wagons..... Done. Double stack container wagons need the maximum track gauge for good riding stablility, thus 12 inch (305 mm) is the logical choice.


Now that the hard work is done.... let us proceed to what will seriously take about 20 years to survey, design, layout, build, and commission.

So Dear Reader, Welcome to the pictoral diary of the Ring Mining & Exploration Model Railway located in Virginia.

Rovos Rail Shidld


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