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Dear Reader: This web homepage is used to show some digital photographs that I have taken over time and for me to practice html coding.

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Class 38 Dual Mode (diesel/3kVDC), South Africa. Class 14E dual current (25kVAC/3kVDC), South Africa. The 'Coal Line', South Africa. Diesel locos in South Africa.
Class DAR Tranzrail, New Zealand. Long & heavy coal trains - electric, Queensland, Australia. Long & heavy coal trains - diesel, Queensland, Australia. High speed electric tilt train, Queensland, Australia.
Trams on the island of Hong Kong. DF11 running through the New Territories SAR, China. SS8 with a southbound passenger train. Shenzhen, China. DF5D heavy shunting loco, Shenzhen, China.
SD90MAC, an EMD-Siemens 6000HP 170,000 lbf continuous tractive effort d-lok. United States. Heavy freights in sunny California, United States. Conventional Amtrak electrics, Connecticut, United States. Shoreline East Commuter Train, United States.