Update History Page (Last modified 2015-Nov-26 USA Thanksgiving Day


  • Another 4 years has gone by, still at AREVA, been rather too busy. Will try this winter to fill in the latest South African images.


  • So life has it, another year has gone by, and I have returned to AREVA. Started filling in Ermelo, South Africa pages.


  • So life has it, I have just returned to Alstom. At least this site will now keep up to date. The toy railway in Virginia will continue but at a much reduced pace.
  • United States, Virginia page started and an image added.


  • Well, that was a rather quick 2 years of not keeping the site up to date! Time flies when relocating.....
  • I have already started the earthworks for the Virginia based model railway - Ring Mining & Exploration (RM&E) of Virginia, a 12" gauge toy railway.
  • The Connecticut based Roxbury Mining & Exploration (RM&E) 7.5" gauge model railway has just arrived in Virginia, in parts. The critter and the flat car arrived on 2007-May-29 and my dad just brought down the track panels on 2007-August-05. Most components will be used for the 12" gauge railway.


  • Dear Reader, I have been busy with new job and relocation during month of March. I went back to Nuclear Power Generation with AREVA. The United States office of AREVA is located in Lynchburg, Virginia, United States.
  • I have already started the earthworks for the Virginia based model railway - Ring Mining & Exploration (RM&E) of Virginia. Images to follow in a few weeks. The Connecticut based Roxbury Mining & Exploration (RM&E) 7.5 in gauge model railway still exists and most likely will continue to operate for a few more years.



2004-Dec-20 & 26










  • South Africa, Klerksdorp Page started.
  • Added four images to the front page.


  • Began specific pages for China.
  • Completing links and finishing the first New Zealand page.
  • Rolling images on Intro page replaced by a group of static images.
  • General spelling and layout cleaning as found and updated Links Frame for 2003.
  • Added the yahoo discussion lists to the Groups page.


  • Finally decide to down load test files on 2002-Dec-16 and because I have FrontPage on my laptop, I gave in to using FrontPage as an editor. (Mostly for spell check!)
  • Redesign of both the link and frame layouts to eliminate gif buttons. Added in a rollover image process in frame layout.
  • Background colour made a darker gray to reduce background shine.
  • New Zealand, main page started.
  • Queensland, main page started. This page will be re-named Australia once I get to visit NSW and Victoria.
  • Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories, main page started. Page simply titled Hong Kong.
  • China, main page started. This will become the main reason for this site. One heck of a large country to cover.
  • Added some info to RM&E Railway. 
  • Cleaned up text, grammar, and layout throughout web site.
  • Placed entire updated website onto www.bwring.net


  • Completed the Beaconsfield page mostly on 2001-Dec-31. Not sent to the RPI server until 2001-Jan-05 Saturday.


  • Completed both the Friends of the Rail page and the Ermelo CTC page.


  • Opened site at www.geocities.com/bwring to provide a foundation for moving this site at some future time. For now the geocities shall remain simply as an access portal for this site.
  • Changed the site layout to use framesets.
  • Power Generation page for photographs of power generation facilities will not be linked due to security issues in the United States.
  • Link to Roxbury Volunteer Fire Department is un-hooked until I get photos.
  • China photos may soon be on the way as I should be headed on the road again. But for now, the page is un-linked.
  • Have merged CSX, Amtrak, Metro-North into a Railways in Northeast section. CSX page remains empty as I am waiting to shown GE AC6000 units in the snow.
  • Roxbury Mining & Exploration very alive, I just need to get around to posting some photos.
  • E-mail address changed from Alstom to Yahoo to reduce non company mail except for specific questions. See FOTR page.
  • Added Capital Park Rovos & FOTR, Frik Vervoer, Sadwana, and Ermelo CTC. However, due to slow upload times, each page will be introduced over the next few weeks.