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This page is still in progress, but here are a few images to get started. The clouds haunted me for the majority of my time in Queensland. Funny how the clouds move in just as the trains come into the range of the camera.

I found that the best results were obtained during the early morning hours and later in the late afternoon/early evening (common sense). I would therefore use the 'cloudy' hours to learn the landscape and to seek out promising photo vantage points. However, if a train was nearby, I would indeed take an image to serve as a photographic record of the location.

I have arranged this page such that the images shown are ordered from Brisbane northwards. I followed the QR system from Caboolture up to Rockhampton then out to Emerald. My goal was to familiarize myself with the characteristics of the QR Blackwater System. Due to my limited time, as I was on my way to China, I concentrated on the railway between Gladstone and Emerald.

The location names that I have used are per the QR Network Access Line Diagram. Drawing number NAG_A2_013, revision 03, dated 31-08-01.



E.M.U. at Caboolture.



Brisbane bound electric Tilt Train approaching Route 3 level crossing.


Maryborough West:

Northbound goods train at Maryborourgh West station.



Southbound Sunlander passenger train.



Coal loads on the Moura line approaching Gladstone.



In order to take the following images on QR property and inside the Callemondah facility, I had to sign in and go through a short safety course. Therefore, please do not get the impression that one can just wander around the property.

Diesel-Electric traction. Two Siemens-EMD-EDI GT42CUAC diesel-electric loks in the mid-day sun. Diesel-Electric traction in the shed. Electric traction in the shed.
Electric traction at Callemondah shed.



Coal headed to tidewater. Empty coal wagon headed to the mines. Northbound Tilt Train. Northbound frieght train.


Mt. Larcom:

Rockhampton-Brisbane electric powered Tilt Train. Southbound Spirit of Capricorn. Coal on the move. GT42CUAC combined working.
Electrics leading a coal train. Rockhampton-Brisbane electric powered Tilt Train departing the Mt. Larcom station.



Electric traction leading a frieght train. Southbound coal train. Northbound freight train. Tilt Train.
GT42CUAC's headed back to the coal fields.



Tilt Train.



Empty coal train headed back to the coal fields.



Coal loads headed for tidewater.



Modern diesels. CUAC's.
Electric in the lead. Electrics in combined working.



Bluff fact board. Older EMD motive power. The latest EMD motive power.
The old guard. The old meets the new. Waiting for a crew. CUAC in combined working.



Empty coal train passing by Yarrabee coal loading station. The coal loader at Yarrabee. Side of an electric.



Look at that overhead line structure!