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Guangzhou Xi is a railway junction and it includes a small railway facility complete with sidings and a gantry crane to load containers.

Guangzhou Xi is located on the southern apex of the triangle formed by the joining railway lines of the Jing-Guang (Beijing-Guangzhou) and the Guang-San (Guangzhou-Sanyangqiao).

The railway plant is only partially electrified and the electrification ends just short of the nearby road and pedestrian overpasses.

The Guangzhou Xi junction leads trains southward from the Jing-Guang mainline toward the Guang-San mainline and also Guangzhou Nan.

Guangzhou Nan (south) is a collection of yards and port facilities.

The Guang-San mainline goes on to connect to the San-Mao (Sanyangqiao-Moaming) mainline and this line is now the artery for trains headed as far south as the island of Hai Nan (Hainan) via the ocean going railway ferry.

As the weather conditions were rather consistent, overcast and dark, the images I have to show are really poor. Therefore Dear Reader, please see the images as a source of information only. As you can see, I really had to pour on the electronic image enhancements .

The images shown are arranged geographically and not by time.

The images start from a location south of the pedestrian overpass and then go northward to the junction.


These two images were taken at a location just south of the pedestrian overpass. The Guangzhou Xi facility is located north of this location. The road overpass, located north of the pedestrian overpass is just visible out there in the gloomy background.

The railway line to the left, the one the DF4-0737 is shown running on, is the line to Guangzhou Xi. The double track railway to the right is the beginning of the Guang-San mainline.

Track layout south of the pedestrian overpass DF4-0737 heading a goods train down to Guangzhou Nan.


This image, taken just north of the pedestrian bridge (a few meters south of the road overpass), shows DF4-0112 pulling a goods train up (northbound) the Guang-San mainline.

DF4-0112 with a northbound goods train.


This image, taken north of the road overpass, and in the electrified zone, shows DF4-0097 running light.

DF4-0097 light loco move.


These images, show the southern end of the Guangzhou Xi facility as viewed from the east side of the plant. The container loading gantry crane is located on the west side.

Notice the amount of new pre-stressed concrete sleepers located out next to the main roads. This whole plant is being upgraded.

Track and overhead power on south leg of junction. DF5-1386 standing with a cut of wagons.


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