CNR Freight Wagons (Last modified 2004-Dec-31, Rev. 01)

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This page only shows wagons that I have images of in my records. 

My presentation of wagons is not even a scratch on the surface of all the different classes and sub-groupings (variations) that the CNR operates.

Note: In order to simplify my hand writing of html code, I have taken the liberty to change the typical wagon stenciling.

For example, whereas the wagon stencil would read B6-7002687, I have written as B(6)-7002687.

The use of parentheses therefore makes the html code easier and it emphasizes the sub-grouping, or variation, of the wagon class.

As I take more images throughout my travels, I will add more images to this page.


B - Refrigerator

The refrigerator rolling stock can be divided between mechanical and iced. Yes, China still has on the rails iced reefers. China operates these older reefers because the demand for rolling stock is outpacing the CNR supply.

Note: I saw some mechanical reefers that were grouped with a central power plant. Complete with a crew to keep the refrigerator plant up and running. But at this time of writing I do not have any images to show.


B(6) - Iced.



B(23) - Mechanical.

These two images show the B(23) type wagon. Notice the bogies. They are very well sprung. I do not know if these wagons are permitted on passenger trains or other high speed movements.

B(23)-7101707 B(23)-7101710


C - Gondola

The gondola fleet appeared to me to be the most versatile wagon in the CNR fleet.

Perhaps it was by pure chance, or by good design, that the world's containers fit inside the CNR gondolas. This allows the container depots to place the containers into the gondolas and then not have to spend time blocking or securing the container to the wagon body.



C(64)-4803066 & C(64)-4808304 C(64)-4837685





G - Tanker

These images show the air brake equipment of a tanker. I did not take an image of the overall tanker and I did not record the tanker number. Little story to tell on this one...

Air brake hardware Air brake hardware


J - Livestock




P - Box or Van






P(62)-3126461 P(62)-3117762



These green coloured and well stenciled wagons are real smart looking.

The two images shown here are the same wagon. The issue being that I could not to far enough away to get the entire wagon into one image.

P(65)-3502683 P(65)-3502683


NX - Flat




X - Container Flat




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