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I went to California on 2001-June-03 for a three day plant walkdown, it turned into three weeks of construction support. So here are some of the railway photographs that I managed to squeeze into the work schedule.

UPRR SD90AC locos on Tehachapi loop. BNSF SD40-2 pusher (banking loco) near tunnel 10. UPRR Swift Roadrailer train emerging from tunnel #10. UPRR Swift Roadrailer train, trailers.
BNSF eastbound intermodal on loop. BNSF westbound general freight, Bealville.

UPRR SD70M pair passing through Bealville, CA. UPRR merchandise train passing through Bealville, CA. BNSF merchandise train emerging from tunnel #3. BNSF light unit move emerging from tunnel #3.
UPRR merchandise train approaching tunnel #5. Pushers (Bankers) on UPRR merchandise train. BNSF intermodel train approaching tunnel #5.