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I have many images of China to show. This is only the very beginning of this page. This will most likely be the largest lifelong section of my web page.

My next trip to China will hopefully focus on the 8K electric locomotives and the electrified coal hauling lines up north along with a re-visit to the southern locations of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and the New Territories.

I am planning to re-visit southern China for one simple reason, the rain and clouds ruled my last visit! And I am more than ever determined to get some blue sky shots of the areas shown in the following listed pages.

In the meantime, please find the following pages interesting.


Guangshen Railway Company Ltd:

The Guangshen website is at:


Chinese National Railway (CNR):


Hong Kong


Kowloon Canton Railway Company (KCRC)

The KCRC website is at:


General Interest



1.0  China Railway Atlas, Second Edition, Quail Map Company. ISBN 1-898319-35-9.

I sourced my atlas from Transport Diversions, Topsham House, Cross Keys Road, South Stoke, Reading RG8 OJT, United Kingdom. They are on the internet at: